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How can I apply for a job at Simon-Kucher & Partners?

While we tend to do the bulk of our hiring on campus in the fall, we also fill open positions on an as-needed basis. We hire year-round for senior positions and welcome all applications. Please visit our Career page for more information on campus visits, case interviews, and open positions.  Don’t forget to include a cover letter with your application!

Do you have a training program for new hires?

Yes, throughout the year (in the US and abroad), we hold several sessions of STEPS, our week-long new hire training program. At STEPS, our newest employees work case studies and learn the ins and outs of our vision and values, pricing basics, and project tools.   

Is it true that Simon-Kucher & Partners flies all employees to Germany for the World Meeting and Holiday Party?

Each December, all of our employees are invited to our headquarters in Bonn, Germany for a company-wide event, lasting two to three days. Last year’s World Meeting took place at the former home of the German Parliament and culminated in an evening of dinner, dancing, and entertainment.    


How does working at Simon-Kucher & Partners compare to working at other, larger firms? 

As a smaller company, there are certain advantages to working here: smaller project teams, greater responsibility, direct access to partners, more feedback, the ability to be involved with projects at every step, and faster progression within the company. Every consulting firm has a special culture with its own values. At Simon-Kucher, our most important ones are integrity, team spirit and entrepreneurship. We attract responsible, creative and driven people who contribute to our clients’ and our firm’s growth, right from the beginning. Read more about our values here.

We may have fewer rules and set-in-stone processes than other firms because we rely on our associates’ common sense. In addition, we assign roles and responsibilities based on each individual’s skills rather than on job titles and hierarchies.

Many of my consultant friends spend all of their time on the road.  What percentage of the time should I expect to travel?

We hear this question often. Many students who consider consulting are worried about the amount of time they’ll spend on the road. Though travel varies widely depending on your industry, client, and project, whenever possible, we try to take advantage of our global reach by staffing projects using local consultants (to keep your travel to a minimum).