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Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in Europe

Which consulting firms in the region are the most prestigious?
Survey Methodology

Survey respondents were asked to rate each consulting firm in the survey on a scale from 1 to 10 based on prestige, with 10 being the most prestigious. Consultants were unable to rate their own firm, and they were asked to rate only those firms with which they were familiar.

Vault collected the survey results and averaged the score for each firm. The firms were then ranked according to those scores.

Remember that Vault’s prestige rankings are determined by the choices of practicing consultants at top consulting firms. Vault does not choose or influence these rankings. The rankings measure perceived prestige (as determined by consulting professionals) and not revenue, size or lifestyle.

2019 Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in Europe

SCORE 9.021
2018 Rank 1
SCORE 8.615
2018 Rank 2
SCORE 7.953
2018 Rank 3
SCORE 6.402
2018 Rank 4
SCORE 5.894
2018 Rank 5
SCORE 5.874
2018 Rank 6
SCORE 5.364
2018 Rank 8
SCORE 5.358
2018 Rank 7
SCORE 5.228
2018 Rank 9
SCORE 5.094
2018 Rank 11
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