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About The Cambridge Group

If the consultants at The Cambridge Group were your Economics 101 professor, you would not have learned supply and demand, but rather demand and supply. The simple belief that demand should be placed before supply is the principle that differentiates TCG from other consulting firms. The firm's expertise lies in identifying profitable new demand opportunities, optimizing portfolios of products or services, driving innovation, reinventing categories, enhancing brand equity and optimizing pricing. For all these areas, demand is the focus of TCG's services.

The firm unleashes its demand-side expertise onto clients in the consumer packaged goods, financial services, media, retail, and telecommunications industries. Some of the world's most successful brands have benefitted from TCG's recommendations, including Allstate, Anheuser Busch, Facebook, Hershey and Best Buy.

Capital ideas

While the firm's demand strategy is straightforward on paper, gathering and analyzing the data necessary to grow a client's business is a rather difficult task. In order to handle this, TCG relies on its intellectual capital, which is designed and implemented by its consultants. Among the intellectual capital at the firm's disposal is Demand Landscape and Palate Maps, which identify and quantify emerging and latent demand in the marketplace. The firm also utilizes the Safari research method, whereby senior consultants and creative teams determine ways to optimize innovation and positioning by analyzing products and services with priority customers.


August 2017

The Art of the Customer Interview

To get to the heart of customer demand and unlock new growth for your business, Cambridge Group's Chris Fosdick gives instructions on how to approach customer interviews differently to get true understanding how your customers interact with your product and what you could do differently to better fit into their lives.

July 2017

The Future of the Mall

Cambridge Group CEO, Jason Green, joins Retail Touchpoints for an exclusive Q&A on the topic of the future of malls.  Just what will separate the successes from the others, and what can be done to integrate mobile, among other topics.

July 2017

Marketplace Interview with Pete Killian

First the handbag, now shoes to match!  Michael Kors buys upscale shoemaker Jimmy Choo and Cambridge Group's Principal Pete Killian breaks it down. Superman is dead says Killian, and the Avengers are in charge.

July 2017

Trimming the Waste Line: How the Uplift Framework lifts up Vague Marketing Strategy (BAI)

Banks too often analyze the wrong outcome metric. Instead of a customer focus where the actions of the bank can impact change, they focus on those who'd convert without intervention and/or those who will not, regardless the amount of intervention. This creates the worst of all worlds. The team at The Cambridge Group discuss how to solve this issue differently.

June 2017

Who's Watching What

The Cambridge Group's Chris Fosdick digs apart what it takes to realize media success in a fragmented market. Building on his insights from The Secret of Empire's Success, Chris tells us the historic trade-off between mission and margin.

April 2017

5 Steps to Getting Your Brand Hired in the Real World

Consumers don't just buy products or services, they 'hire'them to do a job, and to enact progress in their lives. What The Cambridge team has learned is that what separates innovation success from innovation non-success is a company's ability to align with a consumer Job.

October 2016

Competing Against Luck

TCG Principal, Taddy Hall, co-authored Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen's newest book Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Consumer Choice. Christensen, the foremost authority on innovation and growth, presents a path-breaking book every company needs to transform innovation from a game of chance to one in which they develop products and services customers not only want to buy, but are willing to pay premium prices for.

July 2016

Winning the Connected Consumer

The Cambridge Group has collaborated with the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council to better understand the nature and evolution of the connected retail consumer. Never has there been a time in history when consumers have been so digitally engaged. How are consumer expectations evolving based on this jump in connectivity, and how should retailers and manufacturers update their offering to meet these expectations? It's all in this recent report. 

July 2016

Why New Consumer Brands Must Scale Faster

Eddie Yoon and Steve Hughes challenge you to shift your thinking from market share to share of growth. A renewed focus on share of growth will spur more productive thinking around what is growing, and why it is growing than today's myopic focus on current market share. 

June 2016

Breakthrough Innovation Report

The Cambridge Group's own Taddy Hall,  Rob Wengel and Eddie Yoon have collaborated this year to release the 2016 Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report. This annual report recognizes the top breakthrough innovation launches that have won over the hearts and minds of consumers and gives you an insider's view of the secrets of their marketplace success. 18 new products met the requirements for distinctiveness, relevance and endurance to earn the award this year.

April 2016

Millennial Mindset Study

The Millennial Mindset study, co-authored with Barkley, reflects interviews with more than 2,500 millennials and non-millennials. It identifies six mindsets that define millennial consumer behavior. For brands that have been trying to understand where to focus their efforts in the millennial landscape, the study shows that focusing on the millennial mindsets can make a big difference.

Summer 2015

TCG Celebrates 40 Years

Former and current clients of The Cambridge Group comment on how working with TCG has impacted their careers and tip their hats to the firm as it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The Cambridge Group

200 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 2600
Chicago, IL 60606-5058
Phone: (312) 425-3600


Employer Type: Subsidiary
CEO's: Jim Eckels & Chris Fosdick
Founder: Rick Kash
2017 Employees (All Locations): 60

Major Office Locations

Chicago, IL (HQ)

Major Departments & Practices

Brand & Business Portfolio Strategy
Global Growth Strategy
Business Model Reinvention
Go to Market Optimization
Market Entry Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Demand-led Cost Optimization