Top Goldman Banker Quits to Team Up With Ex-BP CEO

by Derek Loosvelt | April 05, 2011

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If you're sick of the press calling you a vampire squid because of the squad you're on (Goldman Sachs), and you're tired of conservationists saying you're shagging the devil due to the industry you raise money for (oil and gas), there's really only one thing to do: quit the squids and join the new investment firm founded by your good pal Tony Hayward, the ex-BP CEO.

At least, that's what Julian Metherell, head of U.K. investment banking at Goldman Sachs, is doing.

Metherell, who's been with Goldman since '99, says he'll stay at the bank until this summer, at which time he's so outta there so he and Mr. Spill can start putting other people's money to work -- in some juicy oil-and-gas-related investments, of course.

(WSJ: BP Ex-CEO Lures Away a Top Banker at Goldman)

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