Derek Loosvelt

Derek Loosvelt

Derek Loosvelt is Vault's senior finance editor. Derek has a BS in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in creative writing from the New School. His writing has appeared in several online and print publications. Previously, he worked in investment banking as an M&A analyst and associate.

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'Scully Effect' Is Real: Study Shows 'X-Files' Inspires Women to Pursue STEM Careers

by Derek Loosvelt  |  April 18, 2018

Dana Katherine Scully holds a B.S. in physics from the University of Maryland and an M.D. from Stanford. She worked for the FBI as a forensic pathologist for more than a decade and as a surgeon at a private Catholic hospital for seven years. She is also responsible for inspiring thousands of women to pursue STEM careers. Scully, as you may know, is not a real person but a fictional character, one played by the actor Gillian Anderson for 11 seasons on a TV series called The X-Files and in... Read More >

50 Best Accounting Firms to Work For

by Derek Loosvelt  |  April 17, 2018

Today, we released our annual Vault Accounting 50, a ranking of the Best Accounting Firms to Work For. This year, the rankings were based on a survey of more than 8,800 accountants. We asked these accountants to rate their firms in several workplace categories, including compensation, culture, training, work/life balance, hours, and business outlook. We also asked them to rate other firms in terms of prestige (they could not rate their own firms).  For the sixth year in a row, PwC to Read More >

How to Keep a 'Confidence Log' and Why

by Derek Loosvelt  |  March 20, 2018

A lack of confidence is often seen as part of the reason there aren't more women in senior roles at U.S. companies. And a recent study reported on by The Wall Street Journal shows just how large this so-called "confidence gap" is. Some 63% of women enter the workforce with the confidence that they can rise Read More >

Are Standing Desks Hurting Your Health?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  March 07, 2018

Remember all that talk about how great standing desks were for you? How they helped you live longer, prevented lower back pain, made you more alert and thus more productive? Well, according to recent research, all that talk could very well be completely false. Instead, what standing desks are likely doing to you is not unlike what old-fashioned desks are likely doing to you. Which is killing you. Read More >

What Does 'Bring Your Whole Self to Work' Mean and Why Is It Important?

by Derek Loosvelt  |  March 05, 2018

You've probably heard the phrase "bring your whole self to work," but you might not know what it means, or why it's important to do it. Well, according to motivational speaker and author Mike Robbins, the phrase is shorthand for being more vulnerable, which leads to being more courageous, which leads to taking more risks, which leads to better performance at work. As a result, the phrase is very important to organizations, which Robbins says need to do two things to help employees bring... Read More >

Q&A With Rose-Gaëlle Belinga, a Morgan Stanley Technology Associate

by Derek Loosvelt  |  January 31, 2018

Rose-Gaëlle ("R-G") Belinga is a Technology Associate in the Global Expiry System group at Morgan Stanley. R-G recently spoke with Vault about how she landed an internship and full-time position with Morgan Stanley, the best aspects of working for the firm, and the advice she has for students looking to pursue a career with a top financial services firm. Below is an excerpt of that conversation.  VAULT: Where di Read More >

3 Takeaways from Twitter's COO Leaving to Lead Fintech Startup SoFi

by Derek Loosvelt  |  January 24, 2018

Yesterday, Anthony Noto announced that he was stepping down as Twitter COO to become the CEO of fintech startup Social Finance (often referred to as SoFi). SoFi, which began in 2011 as a student loan refinancing company and has since also become a mortgage lender and hedge fund investor, has had some trouble as of late. In 20 Read More >

Job Search Tips for International Students in the Age of Trump

by Derek Loosvelt  |  January 23, 2018

Potential changes in immigration rules and laws dominated headlines in 2017. And many of these changes could significantly impact international students' ability to find jobs and start careers in the U.S. So, last week, Vault again spoke with international student career expert Marcelo Barros. Vault asked Barros what he recommends international students do now to navigate the uncertain world of employment and H-1B visas in 2018 and beyond. Below is an excerpt of that conversat Read More >

3 Career Lessons from Spike Lee

by Derek Loosvelt  |  January 09, 2018

Three decades ago, a 29-year-old NYU film school grad named Spike Lee wrote, directed, produced, and acted in She's Gotta Have It, a feature-length film that launched one of the most successful careers in American film history. Since that first release, Lee, now 60, has put together an impressive film resume that includes numerous iconic features Read More >

The Biggest Workplace Stories of 2017

by Derek Loosvelt  |  December 11, 2017

These are the year's work-related stories that most consumed us and changed us, confused us and angered us. Here are the top workplace stories of 2017. 5. The distracting onslaught of political news lowers worker productivity. Hours after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, the onslaught began. Remember Sean Spicer? Alternative facts? How about crowd size, Steve Bannon, the immigration ban, and the Paris acco Read More >

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