The End Is Near: Lehman For Sale

by Derek Loosvelt | September 11, 2008

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Lehman Brothers, in its entirety, is now up for sale, and rumor has it that several firms, including fellow Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, are considering making the acquisition.

Although Goldman declined to commment, and some sources believe the rumor of a Goldman bid is completely unfounded, others say the prestigious bank would be willing to make an offer if it can stike a deal like that made by JPMorgan Chase when swallowing Bear Stearns. Still others, meanwhile, predict a foreign bank will make the purchase, as bankers from numerous firms are reportedly checking out Lehman’s books today.

Though a sale might be good news for investors in Lehman shares (which have dropped in value a further 40 percent today), it certainly isn’t music to the ears of Lehman insiders, whose jobs are now certainly in serious jeopardy.

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