J.P. Morgan's New Recruiting Video May Make You Spill Your C

by Derek Loosvelt | October 22, 2010

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Not to be outdone by Morgan Stanley's cringeworthy recruiting video released a few weeks ago, J.P. Morgan has put out its own embarrassing and ridiculously simplified bastardization of what it's like to work as an investment banking analyst at a supposedly world-class (and very diversified, as J.P. Morgan ever so sublty jams down your throat at 3:10 in the below video) institution like itself.

With several billion dollars a year in revenue, you would think these banks could throw a few more dollars, not to mention brains, toward producing these videos. Be honest, after enduring the below, would you trust the folks who greenlighted these five minutes with tying your shoelaces or getting your coffee order straight?

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