Goldman Sachs Aims to "Kill China," According to New Book

by Derek Loosvelt | August 25, 2010

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If there's anything worse than a financial institution that lies to investors in order to make a buck, it's a journalist who employs formulaic hyperbole in order to make a yuan. In his new book, The Goldman Sachs Conspiracy, Chinese best-selling author Li Delin does just that, following up previous outings such as Eliminate All Competitors -- How Goldman Sachs Wins Over the World and Who Killed Toyota: the Truth of America's Attack with a Matt Taibi-like attack on the investment bank everyone loves to hate as of late, claiming that Lloyd Blankfein and the gang's main desire is to "kill China."

In addition, according to Conspiracy, Goldman is "like a fox chewing a bone" (of a fine sirloin cut, I imagine) and "knows when to go for your neck" (ah, yes, the vampire squids!). Delin also writes that the bank has the "cruel character of a Manchurian tiger" (it is true, I guess, that bankers and Siberians both have a penchant for wearing stripes) and "creeps around the world, like a veteran hunter stalking its prey" (impressive if true, but, judging by Fab Fab Tourre's email messages, at least a couple of Goldman's hunters are more Wile E. Coyote than Daniel Boone).

Conspiracy, released this past June, has sold over 100,000 copies. And Delin, who believes Goldman is "the hand behind the crisis, maybe its cause," already has plans to publish a third book on the bank.

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