"Derelict" Madoff Relatives Sued For Millions

by Derek Loosvelt | October 02, 2009

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Most of the Madoff-related news hitting headlines since Berns was thrown in the slammer has certainly been a yawner in comparison to the pre-prison Ponzi that topped print and web pages. But here's something definitely worth waking up from your 150-year-sentence-like slumber for:

A suit has been filed seeking $198.7 million from Bernie's brother, two sons and niece. Although no criminal charges were filed, the suit did say that if this very un-fabulous four "had been doing their jobs—honestly and faithfully—the Madoff Ponzi scheme might never have succeeded, or continued for so long.”

In other words, either Bernie's blood are a bunch of morons, or they knew (that is, at least suspected that something was rotten on floor 17).


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