2010 Vault Banking Survey: Welcome to the Fun House

by Derek Loosvelt | April 29, 2010

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One of the questions we're asking banking professionals in our 2010 Banking Survey is this: What is an interesting or little-known fact about your firm?

Below are a sampling of answers we've received so far. Can you guess which firm fits the fun? Four synthetic CDOs says you can't.

"We're run by bankers with short-man syndrome"

"We believe we're the only investment bank with a former professional rodeo cowboy on staff"

"There have only been five CEOs since we were founded 75 years ago, and four of them still show up to the office on a regular basis"

"You need to be in the click if you want to stick (around). Serious 'bro click.'"

"The founder of our original company had a profound impact on the telecommunications industry and was know as the 'father of cable.'"

"There's a guy who works in the building who used to be an Elvis impersonator and he retains the Elvis hairstyle. He can often be found outside smoking (many times a day). If you work here, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this man, who is known by some simply as 'mullet man.'"

"We have the worst elevators in New York City."

"Our building was meant to be the tallest building in the city, until the Great Depression began and closed off much of the funding."

"We're the single largest corporate donor to Haiti relief."

"Our office has unofficial basketball and wakeboard teams."

"Fondue is served every day in the canteen."

"We are not a vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity."

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