10 Worst Recruiting Videos of All Time

by Derek Loosvelt | February 25, 2011

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In honor of the 83rd annual Academy Awards this coming Sunday, we scoured company, college, and other institutional web sites to find the most cringe-worthy recruiting celluloid ever produced. What we came up with are the 10 "films" below (ranked in descending order of awfulness).

10. Gazprom
This handsome video from Russia's state-owned oil conglomerate touches on all the things that make the Motherland so glorious: booze, cigarettes, and a lot of old men.


9. Appalachian State University
No doubt about it: there is truly "nothing hotter" than a mid-tier party school in Boone, North Carolina. HOT HOT HOT! HOT HOT HOT!


8. Morgan Stanley
A snappy, catchy, wholly unrealistic view of life on Wall Street. (Note, the below is just a trailer; for the entire film, you'll have to watch on Morgan Stanley's careers site).

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