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A Day in the Life: Trainee Solicitor, DLA Piper

Rowan Aspinwall works in the corporate department as a trainee solicitor. He is entering the second year of a two-year training contract and starting his secondment to Carillion in Singapore.

0930 I start the morning with a training session. We'll often start the morning, depending on the department I'm in, with a training session.

1030 A client has come to the offices for advice. When this happens I'll accompany a partner or associate to a meeting for up to hour and a half. For example, in tax, a client may think about a structure he wants to invest in, therefore, a meeting would involve giving them preliminary advice.

1200 I take my lunch break.

1300 I spend the next hour or so following up what was discussed during the morning meeting. I also begin initial research on some of the major points that came up. This involves me going through our internal research and external databases. During my follow-up I may begin proper legal research of certain points that have come up in the meeting.

1500 I'm working on two different matters and after this I'll go back to another matter I've been involved in. I will have to put together a draft document, or contract and produce the first draft of it for a deal that I'm working on. Depending on what type of document I'm putting together, it could take me a few hours or an entire week to finish. The time spent on things can vary widely.

1800 It's flexible as to when I finish my day. It really depends on how much work you've got or what sort of thing you're working on. I can't say there's an average time my day ends. I work about 40-45 hours a week but this can fluctuate.

It's not a predictable job where you have a fixed diary. There's a very high turnover of work here and it's exciting and challenging to be able to switch from one thing to another while remaining efficient. You never get bored.