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A Day in the Life: Strategy Team Member, BT

Andrew Hill, 24, is part of the strategy team in global services at BT.

0800 I normally get in around eight and the first thing that I do is to check my emails and see if there is anything important that needs to be acted on. .

0830 My day is never what you would call regular as the industry I work in is always changing and you need to be flexible to those demands. My morning might involve making calls and consulting with different units. For instance, BT recently bought INS, a network consultancy company as BT is looking to expand in the US and we are hoping to do lot more in US. .

1000 There are three parts to being in a strategy team: formulation, execution and deployment. The formulation part involves dealing with internal strategic teams who provide initiatives and going dealing with our external customers. This process involves discussion with analysts. Part of what we do is to ensure that we are out of the firing line of business and looking at the business objectively. This involves making a whole host of calls. .

1100 We have forums with our key customers, which involve presenting our strategies. We also state what we think is happening in the market place and how that affects us. Examples of these include companies such as Unilever and Reuters. I meet with their account managers and they share their strategy with us and we integrate that into our work. A large part of my job is fostering new relationships and my line manager is very keen on establishing and maintaining relationships with other firms..

1200 Internally, we have forums open with businesses, which are split down into sectors. These include government, health, global services and manufacturing, among others. We discuss the strategy of each of those sectors with general managers and think about how we can help implement those. An example of this is a company that has 90 per cent of its business on Valentine's Day and needs its network to be flexible for its particular type of business. This is a big trend in area called convergence and is a big part of our business. .

1300 We generally have an hour for lunch and it's a good time to get away from the screen and get something to eat. However, there can be days on which I am really busy and I work through my break. .

1400 Working on the execution side of things, I have an investment budget and these are key levers that you can use to hit central sales targets. We align those investment budgets as best we can. This involves reformulation in a lot of areas. .

1500 I am part of a small central team of four to five people, working with a virtual team, which means getting people together from marketing, finance, market units and the sales units. My work involves daily calls to drive a project through. I am responsible for assembling this team, making sure that we are all in line with each other and driving through credible output. .

1600 The afternoon might involve engaging with external agencies that do research with focus groups and CEO forums. They have a specific remit and a research brief in networked IT services, the market that we operate in. .

1700 I have to make calls, go to meetings and spend time writing up proposals. These are then presented to the vice president. This presentation is done in conjunction with my line manager. .

1800 I am then back on the phone, chasing people up in certain areas, catching up on calls with the virtual team to make sure that we are progressing on projects. .

1900 My working day normally finishes at seven. I usually head off to the gym or play a little tennis. .