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“3L Review”

If you want to practice in South Carolina, then you're in the right place. USC has a fun atmosphere that is friendly and slightly competitive, but not in a cutthroat way. Most of my professors have been fantastic with prestigious backgrounds and practical experience. While the school is tier-2, the name carries good weight all throughout the southeast and there are good job opportunities for many. There are many intellectual students, which has been a pleasant surprise. And for me, coming from the north, the southern culture has been an excellent addition to my legal education. Charleston S.C is less than 1.5 hours away, and there are a lot of uniquely southern traditions that I had never experienced. Football is also a blast - SEC tailgating is wild.


While the top 25% of the class or so will have a well-beaten path to good firms in Charlotte, a few in Atlanta, and throughout South Carolina, the career office could do a much better job of helping place students. I was fortunate to receive a great job in my hometown, but I received virtually zero help from the career advisors. They are very focused on keeping the pipeline to the regional firms, without much exception. Some of the students are also much less driven, intelligent than I would have hoped. Or at least come across that way. While I was very impressed with many of the students from an academic/intellectual perspective, there were also a significant group that did not seem very interesting nor particularly intellgient in class discussion.


Financial Aid is widely available and for many students the degree costs very little. LSAT and GPA requirements are completely reasonable and for anyone with a high 150s low 160s LSAT and over a 3.3 I would say you have an excellent chance of admissions

You should pick USC if you want to practice in South Carolina, want a great legal education, and be surrounded by a good percentage of intelligent hardworking peers. The law school is just finishing a beautiful new building, which will be great to continue attracting good students. Good job prospects are there, but not many outside of the southeast.

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