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Classes are great, taught by well-credentialed practitioners who can effectively balance theory and practical skills. Sizes are of course fairly large for first-year doctrinal courses, but no class has more than 80 or so people in it. Going forward there are opportunities for many smaller seminars. Our faculty include many SCOTUS clerks, as well as G. Robert Blakey (drafted the RICO statute) and Bill Kelley (Assoc. White House Counsel). Notre Dame also features the only year-round study program in London, which a number o my friends are doing. Looks great.

Quality of Life

Cost of living in South Bend is cheap. Cheap. Decent facilities on campus getting better by the day. Fun atheltic environment with the fighting irish, and plenty of socializing with the law student body itself. Crime and safety aren't really issues.


Fairly standard process early on, one excellent feature of the school is the very active waitlist. I constantly received updates as well as the opportunity for follow-up interviews. Additionally, there was still scholarship money available for waitlisters.



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