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“ND Law”

Alumni network is amazing. People are so helpful, making it easy to get a job.


The diversity is not great. Too many of the professors express their conservative views.


They can expect to have a lot of fun, but work hard. It was a great decision to attend.

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“Would Choose NDLS Every Time”

The collegial atmosphere is truly unique. From personal experience, I know that students (even those outside your friend group) are more than willing to help with study groups, notes, and anything else you may need. The school also does an excellent job of providing students with every resource needed to be competitive in a difficult job market. For example, the Career Development Office is staffed with exceptionally successful individuals that understand exactly what a student needs to do in order to get a job - whether that job is a clerkship or with a private firm.

NDLS has ample funding and resources to ensure that your education will be provided by exceptionally qualified professors. The administration has made me feel as though they genuinely value my feedback as a student and are constantly taking measures to improve. Further, the faculty seem to enjoy working for NDLS and interacting with the students - I enjoy relationships with many of my professors.

Additionally, the law school student body takes full advantage of Notre Dame's traditional collegiate offerings. There are weekend tailgates for football games, groups that travel to away games, and a weekly bowling tournament between law students during the Spring semester.

Overall, I think anybody that values camaraderie would be comfortable. For me, NDLS is a great combination of a student body that is committed to excellence without taking itself too seriously or being too cutthroat competitive.


South Bend, as a city, leaves a lot to be desired. In many ways, you have to find your own fun. However, with Chicago nearby, it is always pretty easy escape and get exposure to a bigger city.

With the law school in the middle of the main campus, there are numerous undergraduates taking up tables in the commons and library. This problem annoys people to varying degrees (I personally have not cared about the undergrads).


The admissions staff is the best. During my search, I initially fell in love with the school because of the honesty and commitment shown by these individuals. If I were a prospective student, I would not worry that NDLS is merely using a recruiting pitch to win me over - the school only wants you if you will be a genuinely good fit and WANT to be there.

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“Law School Review”

Great professors, wonderful faculty, the school really wants you to succeed. I'm happy i choose this school.


Nothing specifically about this school is bad, just the general market for lawyers is what i like least.


This school is great, you will not regret choosing this school.

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Classes are great, taught by well-credentialed practitioners who can effectively balance theory and practical skills. Sizes are of course fairly large for first-year doctrinal courses, but no class has more than 80 or so people in it. Going forward there are opportunities for many smaller seminars. Our faculty include many SCOTUS clerks, as well as G. Robert Blakey (drafted the RICO statute) and Bill Kelley (Assoc. White House Counsel). Notre Dame also features the only year-round study program in London, which a number o my friends are doing. Looks great.

Quality of Life

Cost of living in South Bend is cheap. Cheap. Decent facilities on campus getting better by the day. Fun atheltic environment with the fighting irish, and plenty of socializing with the law student body itself. Crime and safety aren't really issues.


Fairly standard process early on, one excellent feature of the school is the very active waitlist. I constantly received updates as well as the opportunity for follow-up interviews. Additionally, there was still scholarship money available for waitlisters.



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