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University of Michigan Law School

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“Limited opportunities”

Excellent faculty with top-notch credentials and genuine enthusiasm for teaching


Poor career prospects compared to peer schools (in terms of large law firm and clerkship placement)


I would advise considering peer schools if you get into them -- job placement at Michigan is noticeably poor in comparison

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I think that the classes are more theoretical in the way they are taught, although a select few professors stress the practical application of how to practice in the real-world, in addition to learning traditional materials. The students are like others in a law school of this caliber--competitive, but not to a cut-throat extent. The workload is intense, especially during the 1L year.

Quality of Life

The cost of living is pretty expensive for Michigan, but it is because everything is more expensive in Ann Arbor (where they know most of the students must live). The campus is extremely accessible--there are computer labs in the law school (we get 600 pages of free printing) and computer labs in the undergrad buildings as well (we get 400 pages in undergrad computer labs). The town of Ann Arbor is a nice place to live, and it has a quaint downtown area. Though in recent years the crime has increased (I went here for undergrad as well in 2006-2010) it is still much safer than traditional city-schools. Happiness in law school is really about finding a way to balance your school life, with your social life. In Ann Arbor, there are plenty of things to do, and it is especially nice in the summer (where they have activities like the Art Fair, Top of the Park, etc).


The admissions process consisted of an LSAT score and a personal statement (both through LSAC), and an optional two additional essays--these two essay questions vary, I think, from year-to-year, although a "Why Michigan Law?" essay is usually standard.



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