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“Difficult to Get Letters of Recommendation After the Fact--Avoid Oliver Houck!!”

Tulane has relatively benign professors. It had very good faculty in Criminal and Constitutional Law.


When I attended Tulane I started an environmental law project, which I brought to Oliver Houck after a year. I actually served a year on a Supreme Court Committee for that issue, before I graduated.

When I asked Houck for a recommendation after the fact, instead of writing me a letter that talked about initiative, leadership, vision, hard work, and all the things that led a 2L to be appointed to a Supreme Court committee on an environmental issue--Houck said, "I don't know, you're not giving me much. I can't give you a letter of recommendation." I honestly think that he either wasn't aware of my service on the committee, forgot it was my project and my issue, or just flat-out didn't remember me at all.


It can be very isolating to go to Tulane as someone who is not from a wealthy family. For a short period of time after law school I was actually homeless, and during that time, my best friend--who was from a wealthy New York City family--got married. I couldn't attend, and I think I didn't even get the RSVP back in the mail, because I got the invite late. She's never spoken to me again, I think assuming that I was being rude, not that I didn't have family help after law school. (She's a librarian at the Supreme Court, if you want to look her up.)

Also, in that same vein, Tulane can make it very difficult to pass the bar, because they cannot teach to the test. I have encountered more than one other Tulane Law grad that clearly had to take the Bar more than once, in very difficult circumstances.

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