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“$150,000 for 50/50 shot at making under 60k per year”

good location in Raleigh, facilities are top notch (they should be considering the price)


this is mostly hindsight...but...the school is self the point that grads making 40k per year 5 years after passing the bar will not speak out about the schools scam practices.


Campbell Median LSAT, tuition, and previous graduating classes' FT-LT-Bar required employment percentage over 8 years

2011 -- 156--$33,910--68% (no bar passage variable)

2012 -- 154--$35,340--71%

2013 -- 152--$37,060--68%

2014 -- 152--$38,645--56%

2015 -- 152--$39,475--60%

2016 -- 153--$39,300--50%

2017 -- 152--$39,900--50%

2018 -- 152--$41,130--63%

2019 -- N/A--$42,600--50%

Campbell's law school is reducing admissions expectations which is leading to poor employment outcomes. All the while raising tuition every single year (except for 2016, thanks for that $175 discount...I am sure students appreciated that 75% of a textbook). This tuition increase occurs in spite of data that does not support any increase in the value of a Campbell legal education.

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Quality of Life

In general, the students are not happy at Campbell and would advise those looking at law schools to look elsewhere. We have a nice, new building - but that's about it.


I believe it has changed since I applied. The unique part to it was that each student had to interview with a faculty member before being accepted. Interviews are no longer conducted for incoming classes to the best of my knowledge.



Graduation Year



The classes, especially first and second year classes are disappointing. They are taught specifically to cover all material on the bar exam. Campbell requires students to take numerous classes that other schools in the area do not require of their students. Specifically, Campbell requires its students to take a class for any area of law that is tested on the bar exam. All first year classes and several second year classes are taught using the socratic method and the professors make a huge effort to "hide the ball." Campbell professors claim that the only thing they are concerned with is that students learn to think like a lawyer. However, outlines are not permitted for exams and statutes, rules of civil procedure, rules of evidence etc. are all expected to be memorized for an exam. So, while students are expected to concentrating on learning to think like a lawyer, they are completely consumed trying to memorize black letter rules of law, that in practice would be available to look up. In fact, it would be malpractice to no consult the FRCP and rely on memorization. Again, Campbell requires all of this because it will help with Bar exam performance. Campbell relies on their bar passage rate to attract students to the school and keep money coming in the door. However, what they don't tell you is that if you pose a threat to their bar passage rate, they will kick you out of school without a refund of your $28k per year tuition, regarless of whether you intend to every practice law or take the NC bar exam. I have not seen or heard from my advisor since the first week of 1L year.

Quality of Life

The new building is very nice and the facilities are all very up to date, clean, new etc. The law school stands alone in downtown Raleigh, so no students live on campus. The majority of students live within a short commute of the school and can take advantage of all that Raleigh has to offer.


The admission process seemed to be pretty standard. Application, LSAT, transcripts, personal statement/essay etc. Some students are asked to come in for an interview.



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