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“Well-rounded, up-and-coming”

Networking is a top strength (goes for most of Baylor). Very easy to study abroad for little to no extra cost. Baylor Business Fellows allows autonomy and distinction for academically-inclined students. Went back for consulting analyst interview and noticed a LOT more students are getting recruited to top consulting firms than 2 years ago.


Business courses aren’t (generally) challenging and professors were truly hit-or-miss, making differences in grades solely on the professor you get pretty prevalent. Up-and-coming, but not YET among most respected business schools. Give it a little more time.


This only applies if you are dead-set on getting a business degree and that makes up for more than 75% of your decision. There are a LOT of intangible positives for Baylor in general.

Do business school if you get into Business Fellows. Best undergrad business experience by far based on my experience and students’ from other schools. Apply to business fellows once you get in for general undergrad and then make decision off of the answer.

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