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“This school targets students with low LSAT scores/undergraduate grades”

The location is in Naples, FL one of the better cities in southwest Florida.


Heavily focused on creating Catholic lawyers and when recruiting its 2016 class this was not known until after matriculation. The Administration is horrible which matches the curriculum, the proof is in the fact that very few students from this school pass the FL Bar. The courses are not tailored to the FL bar and this explains why this school performs so poorly. This school is a cash cow. The tuition is $60K+, it offers on-campus housing, however, the students that sign these contract of adhesion are stuck for 12 months. This affects 1Ls if they are eager to get an internship elsewhere for the summer. The school also takes out the money for bar prep in your tuition every semester, but if you transfer you never see a penny of it. The majority of students are catholic and extremely judgmental. Also there has been several threats of violence after grades are posted these events can be googled. Finally, Career services is a nightmare to deal with an only one faculty member in this department actually cares about the students. Not a good school for minorities.


Students who are out there may have applied to better quality schools, but were rejected, so now because you feel so compelled to go to law school you will be happy to get accepted anywhere. Please do not make that mistake and attend this school. The school has a high transfer rate and its attrition rate is rising. I was one of the luckier students to have done well and was able to transfer to a better schools. Many students are not so lucky because even with good grades, other schools in FL are reluctant to take students from this school. Please do your homework and do not fall for the religious aspect, but look at the failure at the bar.

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