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“ABout WPI”

Perfect if you want to double major. Or take minors. You can take a lot of classes before graduating.


There is no academic support. It is a research school. Professors are not available and they don't care. Core classes have 100s of students. They say its hands-on based but it is not.


You have to know what you are getting in to. The quarter system means you are taking 6 classes + labs in a Semester instead of 4 (in other places) . It is very intense. It is great for students who want to double majors or have minors. But it means you need to have a strong background from a College prep private school or from a school like Bronx Science. The first years you will have to take core classes (chem, phys calc) and you better have taken all those AP classes in High School because Professors are not available for office hours. They are involved in Research and lecture 100s of students in a huge lecture hall. There is no time for support. Because the quarter is a short time, there is few tests. THose core classes have only 2 exams. Tutors are quickly taken and its hard to find one. Once you get to the projects (like IPQ) they only take the best GPA to study abroad. Most of the students will stay on campus. In short it is no for students who come from public high school with weak STEM programs. It is designed for College prep students or Bx Science HS. Also they are not very generous in financial aid.

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