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The general requirements are similar to those from other campuses, but being that USD is a Catholic university, there are required religion courses. As for the major degree requirements, there are plenty to chose from and not all classes are required but they all are very interesting. You are assigned to a specific advisor, and they help select your classes every semester as well as make sure that you stay on track. USD has a very small class size, which makes it much easier to access your professors, and creates a more personal learning environment. There are plenty of opportunities to study abroad, and for those students who don't even dream of studying abroad because of their financial aid situation, there are scholarships that cover the majority and up to whole of the costs.

Quality of Life

USD is a beautiful campus, with a Spanish architectural feel. The dining is a little expensive, but it is also delicious.The campus is so relaxed, that its hard to become stressed by all of the homework professors assign, all you have to do is go sit by one of the fountains and all your worries disappear.


As a transfer student, I have applied to a few schools but I have to say that USD's application was definitely the most inventive. The application does call for a letter of recommendation, but it also requires for it's applicants to submit a personal essay so they can get a feel for the applicant. Because USD is a private school, the tuition is a little steep, but there are plenty of financial aid and scholarship opportunities. And, USD makes all of these funds easily available to it's students.



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