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“School Life”

Large school with a lot of different buildings. Every building is a different school and it is nice entering into a building and getting the feeling of what the college is like.


The school is very spread out and the parking can be troublesome. If you plan accordingly you will be able to park and make time to get to class.


The environment is very fun and the student life is even better. It is very easy to get involved with the students and the classes are not as big as you imagine college classes to be, besides the intro classes you are required to take.

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The class size for language classes at OU are capped at 20-25 students which helps students receive focused attention from their professors which I absolutely love! Introduction and general education courses are typically large, but still professors are always readily available and willing to meet with you in their office. The freshmen advising center could use improvement, but overall academics and course requirements are very relevant to each major.

Quality of Life

Housing is great!! The dorms have been newly renovated with new furniture and whatnot; the cafeteria has also been newly revamped and remodeled and it is a top eating place on campus. The variety and endless options satisifies any food preferences. I have never felt in danger while on campus because of the high level of security. All the facilities are kept clean and well-maintenanced.


The application is very easy and the prospective students website is so user-friendly. The neat thing about OU's application is that the admission and scholarship application is the same so you in a sense you are completing two parts in one. I received my admissions letter in a very timely manner because I had applied early, and therefore received my top housing preference. It was a very smooth and easy process and my area recruiter was also very friendly and helpful with the questions I had for her.



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