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“Overrated Not Just in Football”

Financial aid - provided above average scholarships and aids... Cheap living environment


As a senior, I wish I had done more homework in high school before I enrolled. If I could do it over, I would not attend Notre Dame. In academic, social and career points of view, this university miserably falls short.

I am currently attending the university's business school, and it should be nowhere near where it is ranked (#1 or 2 according to some media organizations). Classes are mediocre, professors are a hit or miss and Mendoza over-enrolls. There is very little guidance throughout the four years and the counselors have been generally unhelpful.

Socially, there is absolutely no diversity--and I mean this in more than racial sense. 95% of students here are either loaded foreign students, upper class white or athletes. If you don't fit into any of those categories, you WILL feel out of place. Surrounding areas suck (****ty bars and clubs) and it's bitterly cold in the winter. Overall, very overrated school--academically and in football.


You can find schools with comparable academic quality but in a substantially better location and environment

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