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“Fabulous in-state option”

Good in-state tuition, Maryland Pride!, diverse and welcoming student body, lots of work-study options and students from lower-middle class households, many study abroad options (but expensive!), beautiful campus, close to DC, amazing internship and cultural opportunities nearby.


Lots of upheaval at the administrative level and athletic scandals, large class differences between the in-state and out of state students, and not a lot of career guidance or academic advising unless you are in an honors program


I recommend sitting in on classes before you commit so you have a sense of the quality of our professors and our class sizes!

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“Solid Education”

Location- near Washington DC= great opportunities and musesums

Typical College atmosphere (if going to a state school)

Large population


good for: engineering, research, political internship and work opportunities


Lack of student night life

too much investing in unprofitable areas/not enough in needed areas

large increase in student housing

College Park is not the safest city


As an alumna also carrying an extensive legacy, I do not regret my decision to have attended and graduated from the University of Maryland. This is a pretty prestigious state school and has an incredible amount of educational opportunities.

I was a double major in both the College of Arts and Humanities (Russian Language) and Behavioral and Social Sciences (Criminology/Criminal Justice). Although I was unfortunately not proactive about seeking out internship opportunities, there is a plethora of them at this school.

It's close proximity to Washington DC also makes it a great place to study--you are not in the city, but are located just close enough to go whenever you feel like it.

Recreation services are great and I enjoyed being employed as a lifeguard there all four years.

I was involved in Greek life but did not enjoy my experience; however, this is obviously very subjective and I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in it to definitely give it a chance.

I also was a DC at WMUC--FM 88.1. I highly recommend anyone thinking of getting into media to try out for this as well.

As a native Marylander, the costs of attending were relatively cheap. College Park in and of itself is a fairly cheap place to live in.

Although the campus is beautiful, the surrounding area outside is not that nice nor is it the safest. However, as long as you use your common sense, you will be ok and live just fine here.

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“Mostly great”
September 2015FORMER STUDENT

beautiful campus, lots of flexibility in course schedule if you are in the liberal arts, sports, traditional college experience, fun nightlife,


not a lot of career counseling support, too much emphasis on business school, perhaps too much of a party school


Make sure you visit, and sit in on classes. You need to be sure that you are comfortable in very large lectures. Honestly, the coursework will not be very difficult in most areas. I can't speak to the new CORE, but the old CORE seemed very rudimentary.

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