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“Truman State University”
September 2016FORMER STUDENT

- Very Cheap/Affordable

- Great culture/atmosphere: lots of really smart kids who got into better schools end up going to Truman because of low tuition. This creates a great student atmosphere to learn in

- Small town can get dull, but its very cheap. You find ways to have fun.

- Smaller school, so lots of one on one time with professors. This is good if you need letters of recommendation later in your academic career.


- Small town is not for everyone.

- Not a huge alumni network. Job fair is also abysmal compared to Mizzou.


Don't waste a lot of money on your undergraduate education! Truman has a great regional reputation and many strong academic programs. It is a great platform for students interested in going to med or law school. For business majors, a bigger school might be more appropriate.

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Truman State is a liberal arts univeristy, which means that students are required to take classes from different disciplines. Even though these liberal arts classes are required, class sizes are still small and intimite. I always feel that I can go talk to my professors at any point in time. Professors are absolutely amazing-- incredibly intelligent and yet extremely personable. Classes are tough, because Truman has a highly competitive atmosphere, but I believe that pushes students to do their best. I am constantly feeling challenged to be the best I can be here.

Quality of Life

Campus is absolutely stunning and my perfect idea of what a college campus should look like-- red brick buildings, a beautiful green quad, lots of windows in the buidings-- I feel so comfortable there. The library, Pickler Memorial Library, is honestly one of my favorite places to hang out. It is huge, beautiful, comfortable, and a great place to get work done.


It is free to apply to Truman State University. The application for admission is also the application for most university scholarships, with a few exceptions. You fill out the acutal application, and also write an essay. The process is very streamlined and easy to understand. And, of course, it is always a plus that it is free!



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