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In my faculty we had requirements to be filled at some point in our degree (science, language, English and literature credits). Also, in my major (Psychology) we had a variety of lists to pick certain types of courses (e.g. some courses were cognitively focused, some were socially focused, some were based on brain and behaviour) and we had to have a certain percentage of upper year courses. Academic Advising is addressed by advisors in each major as well as faculty-wide advisors. Both are excellent and were very very helpful during my degree (and also extremely accessible as they had drop-in hours daily). Class size was larger in first year but had smaller breakout groups and classes decreased in size as I got to the later years in my degree. Professors were very accessible through email and weekly office hours as well as before/after class and at other points in the week. In my major every course was scaled to a mean and standardized in terms of standard deviation and distribution. I did not study abroad but there are many opportunities to do so at my school (in fact I regret not taking part in them!)

Quality of Life

Vancouver is an expensive city to live in for anyone. That said, there are options for students to live on or off campus at fairly affordable rates. The facilities of UBC are quite good and constantly improving. Most of the major faculties have either brand new buildings or recently renovated interiors in their buildings. We have many libraries in various sizes and styles (e.g. silent study vs. interactive learning styles). There are great food options on campus; even the residence cafeterias have quite diverse and tasty options and beyond that we have many restaurants, fast food, and more options. The neighbourhood on campus is very safe and has lots of green space which is nice to enjoy. We have many safety precautions in case of emergency but I never had to utilize any of them and always felt safe and happy on campus.


The process is now different than when I applied. When I applied admissions for my faculty were based solely off marks and there was no supplemental application of essays, resumes, etc. Now, on the other hand, my faculty looks at marks as well as other essays and information provided by students.

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