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Academics are exceptional at William & Mary. As a liberal arts college we have General Education Requirements (GERs) that students must complete before they graduate. GERs are in 7 areas: math, sciences (one must be with a lab), social sciences, history, performing arts, English and Literature, and Philosophic and Religious thought. These GERs are not rigid, for any one area there are at least 30 classes to choose from and you can take the one that sounds most interesting to you. All freshman are assigned a freshman academic advisor in their indicated area of interest. These advisors are very helpful in choosing freshman classes and in helping students decide on a major. After students declare their major (by the end of their Sophomore year) they choose one advisor for each major. Major degree requirements are fair and very helpful in assuring students cover the breadth and depth of their area of study. Class sizes average around 35 people which is a perfect size for learning and discussion. The introductory science classes are a little bit bigger (a maximum of 200 people) but these courses have individual lab and discussion sections to accompany them. Professors are required to hold office hours and are always more than willing to help students. TAs never teach courses, but they may contribute in grading or in lab sections. The faculty are amazing in their accomplishments and research, but also in their accessibility and commitment to teaching. There are research opportunities for all undergraduate students- professors are always looking for help in their labs. I work in a Developmental Psychology lab as a research assistant and I get to run participants (not just enter data). It is an incredible opportunity as an undergraduate. Students here are not competitive with each other, most students have high standards for themselves and use that standard to assess their success. Grading is fair and professors are always willing to discuss a grade with a student. I have never felt I received an undeserved mark. The Reves Center for International Studies does an amazing job at giving students the opportunity to study abroad. There are about 40 William & Mary programs to study abroad, but the Reves Center will help you find a program in whatever country/location you want to go to and will ensure the credits transfer back to William & Mary. This summer I will be studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, I will be studying History and Tutoring young children. The workload at William & Mary is not overwhelming, as many people assume. Different from high school, you are only in class 3 or 4 hours of the day and homework is reading based rather than busywork. I have never felt that a workload was unreasonable or felt that I could not keep up with my work. When adjusting to college it is important to learn how to manage your time, but once that is accomplished (and you find out which organizations you want to be a part of/how much time they take) it is very easy to get everything done!


The admissions process looks at an entire student for a well-rounded view. They consider course rigor, course grades, SAT scores, extracurricular activities and personal essays. Aside from the CommonApp, the admissions office has a suplementary portion for William & Mary. Here you can find the personal essay questions and the ability to submit a free-response section. This section can be your artwork, a poem, a song, a dance, even a pole-vaulting pole! The section is designed to make an applicant stand out as an individual. Further, during the summer before your senior year of high school, college seniors conduct interviews on campus that are fun and a great way to bond with a William & Mary student. William & Mary offers early decision (applications due November 1st, decision deadline December 1st) which is binding. There is also the regular decision option in April. William & Mary does use the Common Application online. There is financial aid available, most of it is need based when you fill out your FAFSA. Further, there are scholarship opportunities for incoming freshman, most notably the Monroe Scholars Program, which gives students money to do research in any subject they choose. When you apply to William & Mary you are automatically considered for the Monroe Scholars Program.



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