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Cores include three philosophy courses, three theology courses, three english courses, one history, one speech, one Discover New York course, two foreign language courses, one math, one science, and some general electives. Major requirements require about 10 accounting courses. Class size is mid-range, about 25-30 students on average. Professors are generally accessible during office hours or e-mail. It is competitive, but it depends on the professor. Some grading systems are much easier than others.

Quality of Life

Cost of living is not cheap, about 15,000 with a meal plan for two semesters. The residence halls are newer compared to most colleges, and they are decent. The library is open 24/7 for studying, but the actual library to take out books is only open until certain times throughout the week. There are many dining options, but the food is sub-par. The neighborhood can be dangerous at night, but it is not too bad if you walk in a group. Safety is very big on campus, almost too uptight. Overall happiness on campus is not very high, but improving.


They offer a generous amount of scholarship to most students as compared to more prestigious universities. They do not have many unique application questions, and their interview was quick. I believe no essay was required.



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