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I'm a biology major- all my science classes are directed toward the MCAT, however, I do not want to be a doctor. Academics are poor at best, most professors will read from the book, read from their notes or read from the powerpoint. I do most of the teaching myself.

Quality of Life

The residence halls are nice. Cost of living is rediculous, especially for students. Library is small (it's actually big but space is taken up by many offices) crime is rampid- every two weeks an email is sent describing another student mugging. Most students are interesting in transferring, I wish I did. After 4PM on weekdays/ during the weekends, the school is a ghost town. Everyone lives on Long Island or is from Queens. So all the commuters or psuedo-commuters leave campus all together any second they get.


No essay, no application fee, the application itself is about a page. Admission is VERY easy and simple. I personally with admissions was more strict and actually worked to recruit intellectual students interested in education.



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