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As an out shoot of the Math Department, Computer Science students had far too many required math classes. I went on to a very successful career in the financial world and even finished an MBA degree, focused on financial asset management, with highest honors a few years ago. In all the specialized financial analysis I've used in this career, I have yet to deal with any calculus beyond the first two quarters and a few basic differential equations. I took a look at the computer science degree requirements today and thought the program is still far too heavy in math requirements.

I would prefer to see that allows extensive math course work as an option, with parallel options to take extensive course work in the sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Forestry, or Geology. After all, a bachelor's degree in any college anywhere teaches students how to learn; how to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the world we have today. Math is fine for those who enjoy it but a miserable experience for those who do not.

As a software engineer for six years after graduating, I did not encounter any mathematics beyond arithmetic and algebra; working for employers such as: IBM, Duke University, and Compaq Computer Corporation.

I understand that math requirements are necessary for those going on to M.S. and Ph.d. degrees in computer science or, possibly, Mathematics. They are unnecessary for those seeking other career paths. Learning deeply in any of the sciences would prepare students to dive into our world of constant, rapid change. While I have always appreciated what I achieved at Michigan Tech, I would never recommend the school for anyone seeking opportunities outside of Computer Science Academics. The degree programs for Computer Science and Software Engineering are, at their core, too rigid.

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A friend once described Houghton as The Armpit of the World. He was giving the place too much credit based on my experience their.


When I applied to the university, in the 1970's, I was admitted under a program that required Tech to accept virtually anyone who submitted an application. As it turned out, MTU was both an engineering school and a Community College; yes, I was from Houghton. It was a conditional admission, so all I had to do is maintain a fairly high grade point average and avoid D's and F's. My faculty advisor, a Math Professor, told me that when we first met, he had very little confidence in my ability to matriculate. Happily, he was wrong.

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2004 or earlier


I don't remember. That was 1972. I was a Viet Nam Vet. There might not have been standards for us.

Graduation Year

2004 or earlier


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