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“Solid undergrad business program - Growing out of regional focus”

The College of Business at JMU provides a solid business foundation through the "COB 300" program, in which students are placed in a cohort that takes Finance, Management, Operations, and Marketing together, while simultaneously working on a business plan. Professors are accessible and care about students for the most part.


Outside of the Big-4, recruitment in the COB is lackluster. There is very little on-campus recruiting for investment banking, though this is improving as more alumni move up the ranks on Wall Street. The home of the COB, Zane Showker Hall is a very cramped, and was designed for a much smaller student population, but it is slated to be replaced in the next few years with a state of the art facility.


JMU will provide you with a great experience, and a quality education, though students pursuing Wall Street careers may be frustrated by lack of on-campus recruiting options.

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