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The general requirements are very appropriate, the major requirements include a lot of different options, classes are generally very small and application based, professors are generally very open and available, grade are generally fair, there's a number of notable faculty and the opportunities to go abroad are incredible. The work load is average, not a lot of busy work and a lot of projects.

Quality of Life

Everything is great, housing is amazing with a ton of options, facilities are pretty good, our campus and library are beautiful, the are multiple dining halls and a lot of people are generally happy.


They require an essay and use rolling admissions, their financial aid process is simplistic and there aren't any interviews required. The communications school that I'm in has a lot of scholarship opportunities



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The best thing about Ithaca is you start with the core classes right away. I've heard stories from friends at other schools who don't take major classes until second semester sophmore year or even junior year. When they final get to take major classes they realize that they dont' like their major. When they switch they are behind.

The Communication School at Ithaca doesn't require the same core classes as the other schools. It was great because I really got to do the things I was interested in. My classes sizes were generally small, my professors were knowledgable and the classes were interesting. Plus I got to study abroad.

Quality of Life

Ithaca is a great place to live. Once you get used to the snow and the hills there is nothing to complain about. The dorms and academic buildings are close to one another which makes it easy to get to class or visit friends. Freshman are housed in a similar area making it easy to meet other new people.

I felt safe and happy in Ithaca. The food was decent for college food. The on-campus housing for upperclassman is excellent with big clean space and nice kitchens. I loved living on campus and only moved out so that I could live with a friend of the opposite sex.


I thought the admissions process was easy though it was a while since I applied for College. I believe they used the Common Application

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