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Requirements: easy enough to complete- I could have graduated a year early with both major and a minor

Advising: actually really good, if your advisor knows the program well enough. Mine was great but a lot of people didn't have a good experience

Class sizes: most are somewhere between 20 and 30 in communications and liberal arts. Business around 40 or 50. Lecture classes anywhere between 60 and 120. But most professors, even in these lectures, knew my name.

Grading: usually pretty easy

Accessibility of professors: since I'm really busy, it's always hard to see them during hours.

Our library itself sucks, because there aren't nearly enough computers or places to sit not on a quiet floor, but we do have a fair number of subscription services to access from home and access to the Cornell Library


I actually applied here because of how little was required for the application. I only had to write a 350 word essay about a state or local issue that affected me personally. Other than that, it was just biographical information expected everywhere and transcripts. It also didn't require a certain number of SAT II's which was nice. It was all online and it probably only took me like 40 minutes to complete start to finish. The applications were answered on a rolling basis, so I didn't have to wait too long to hear my answer, and the deadlines were later than most schools, even for early decision.

The financial aid apps were also much simpler than many other schools. I got a scholarship without applying based on my high school GPA, but there are plenty of opportunities for financial aid and scholarships if you look for them.



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