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As a double major and transfer student, there were quite a few requirements, both general and departmental.I have not had a class I did not enjoy, some more than others, of course. I found the level of advising most helpful in making the correct decisions about courses, from the on-line DIG source, to departmental and academic advisors, as well as fellow students, who had been through the courses. The load was always fair. I took many writing intensive courses, and I believe they make all the difference in academic success. Most of the classes I have taken had relatively smaller class sizes, which makes for a better rapport with the professor. There is absolutely no way I can say enough about the Professors in the Classics Department at Hunter College-CUNY. Dr. Tamara Green and Dr. Ronnie Ancona have been exceptional in their support.

Quality of Life

Busy, active, vibrant, exciting. There is on-campus dining. Safety is very high.


Hunter College allowed me the opportunity as a transfer student to apply most of my credits, and continue my degree as a dual major. I was able to take advantage of many scholarship opportunities, study abroad programs, work study and internships through departmental advisors.



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