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easy. some girls here are idiots and they pass just fine.

example? Math class (mind you, this is college). Teacher writes A-B=0, therefore, A=B. College student cant figure it out. You see this a lot with "horizon" students, which is basically people who are old and came back to school. Also, they let in a girl with a 0.6 high school GPA, just because she was a legacy student. and on a (supposedly elite and selective) study abroad to Greece, a senior (a 24 year old senior who failed out of virginia tech, mind you) presented us with a document which had 40+ errors on one page. Come on, a college student should know the title of what she's talking about. It's the "Greek Debt Crisis" not the "Greek Dept. Crisis". Professors don't seem to take plagiarism seriously either.

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if you aren't a liberal lesbian, you're S.O.L.


they asked "what woman do you most admire"



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