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Ability to design your own major concentration is very nice and very flexible.

Everybody must take Intro Bio, no AP/IB credit, no transfer credit, no testing out. As somebody who took three years of bio in high school and is trying to take too many hard-to-schedule courses that are actually interesting and useful, this is very frustrating.

Quality of Life

Housing is nice, but rather expensive. Dining Hall is obligatory for every student living on campus, and is really terrible, especially if you have dietary restrictions (don't even think about it if you're a vegan).

The school is very small. I liked this at first and have gradually gotten more and more agitated by this.

Very safe. Good relationship with the community.

Library's great.

Needham and Wellesley are the two most boring towns known to man, and getting into Boston is actually really difficult and rather expensive. Students do NOT get off campus regularly. I can count the exceptions on one hand.


It has changed substantially since I took it.



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