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We have an expansive core curriculum that encompasses most of the first two years. Majors must be declared by February of sophomore year. Our class sizes and student-to-faculty ratio are fantastic, with most classes having less than 30 students, and a faculty that is very accessible and easy to talk to. Most say that grade deflation is pretty rampant is a lot of departments here. The students are not cut-throat at all, but rather very supportive and caring of one another academically.

Quality of Life

The quality of life offered by the school is terrible, but the things that New York has to offer are amazing and stand for themselves. Res life is a mess and a pain to deal with, only listening to complaining parents and not students. Our health facilities just failed their inspections, and the university has not been transparent about what wen wrong and what changes will be implemented. Needless to say, the food is awful. The library is not open 24 hours, the neighborhood is completely safe during the day, but you need to exercise common sense at night. If you want to be in any leadership position on campus, you need to be involved with CAB or OSL&CD, but the people involved with those things are headaches and nightmares to deal with, and end up driving you away rather than helping you affect change.


There is a fairly typical admissions process, with early action and regular decision. The schools has supplemental essays that must be included, but there are no interviews required for admission. There are financial aid and scholarship opportunities based on need and qualifications.



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