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You have to take a Scientific Perspectives Class, a Legacies of the Ancient World Class, a Challenges of Modernity Class, and a Cultures Class. You also have to take at least 2 classes from each of the three main disciplines: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. Additionally, each major requires between 9 and 11 classes. With the exception of some natural science classes, most classes have under 25 students. Professors have office hours where everyone is welcome, and nearly all professors email you back in a timely fashion. There are research opportunities available to students of all class years and disciplines, which you learn about from Campus Distributions emails and from your professors. Classes are challenging, but there isn't a very competitive atmosphere. Professors grade you fairly--there definitely isn't any grade inflation here. The workload can be a bit overwhelming, but there are campus resources to help you manage your time and stress. About 60% of Colgate students go abroad, and there are programs on nearly every continent.

Quality of Life

Housing isn't too bad--the dorm rooms are small but you get used to it. Almost all students live on campus which is annoying because Campus Safety is always up your ass. The campus is BEAUTIFUL--really breathtaking. All the facilities, especially the library and the fitness center, and exceptional. Dining isn't great and there aren't a ton of options but it could be a lot worse. The neighborhood is nice, but we don't really interact with Hamilton residents very much. There is absolutely no crime around here, so no one has a reason to feel unsafe. The weather here is terrible, however. It snows 7 months out of the 9 months of school. It's also difficult because we're so isolated from any real civilization. There are a couple of restaurants downtown, but that's about it. The nearest WalMart is 30 minutes away and the nearest mall is an hour away. Overall, I am unhappy here.


The Colgate application was pretty much like any other application. It asked for a personal statement and why I wanted to come here and that was about it. There wasn't an interview or anything like that, and there is early decision available for students who are interested. Colgate is NOT a need-blind institution, which means they take into account how much money they need when deciding who gets in (i.e. the wealthier you are, the better your chance of acceptance). However, for those they do accept on financial need, 100% of demonstrated need is met.



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