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“Great School for Academic Foundations. Poor Employment”

As aforementioned in the title, since the new president (the ex Middlebury college president) came, Brandeis has strengthened its academics even more. Workloads of significantly increased and I must say it is a great school for a liberal arts education foundation, but poor in terms of employment. If you are deciding to go to graduate school, this school is perfect for you. If not, then you are in the wrong place.


I have pretty much concluded all the con points in the above analysis on Brandeis's strength and weakness.


To enter, you need a stellar GPA, which can be offset if you take a lot of APs and score in the 4-5 range on average.

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“Great school for academic study”

I really like professors in the Economics department at Brandeis University. They will try their best to make complex ideas simple so that students can understand them in the fastest way. The courses arrangement is suitable for undergraduate students which will make them a good graduates of the major.


I don't think Brandeis students have a competitive advantage over others in terms of finding good internships and full time jobs. For some industry like finance, Brandeis student is listed for consideration but not the best fit. In other words, Brandeis is not the target school for some companies. Also, there is a regional limitation. Brandeis is maybe well-known in Boston, but once you go out of Boston, and go to places like New York, people and company barely know about Brandeis University.


If you want a good academic education, Brandeis is absolutely a good fit for you because you will learn so many things and feel so satisfied and fulfilled. However, if you cares a lot about finding a good job, especially for international students, you should plan very ahead in your school life to get yourself prepared for a good summer internship when you are a junior and a good full time job after your graduation. Anyway, I like Brandeis and I feel grateful to be at this school!

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