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Traditional core curriculum prepared me well for taking the Bar exam. TJSL offered excellent legal writing program in addition to outstanding practical experience in areas Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, Immigration Law, and Military Justice. There were multiple summer abroad opportunities such as the Nice and China programs

Class sizes varied from the big lecture hall to smaller, intensive classes, and even on-line distance learning classes. The professors were always available for questions,after class or during their office hours - and by email.

Quality of Life

TJSL's San Diego location with its excellent climate, sunny beaches and SoCal lifetsyle was hard to leave after graduation. I now live in D.C. where we had record snow fall levels this year, including thirty inches during the "blizzard of 2010".

The Law School is moving into all new state of the art facilities in the downtown area which will greatly enhance the student experience.


TJSL's counselors were very helpful throughout the admissions process. They kept in constant communication with me up until the day I arrived for Law School. The TJSL admissions staff were always availble to answer questions over the phone.

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