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Most of the Professors are really great. They are all recognized in their fields and most have practiced extensively. In my experience the professors are available outside of class to answer questions or engage in further discussion. While the doctrinal classes were meant to prepare students for the California Bar, there was a fair amount of theory as well. Most teachers used a mix of the Socratic Method and lecture. TJSL grades harder compared to a lot of other law schools that I have heard of in that they keep to a strict C curve all three years, whereas, from what I understand, a lot of other institutions curve at a B. Class size was great, a lot of the upper division classes had less than 20 people.

Quality of Life

San Diego is an amazing place to live. I made a lot of great friends at TJSL and the I can't say enough about how fantastic the professors are. I had an opportunity to transfer to a much more highly ranked school and I didn't because I had such good relationships with my professors that I didn't want to move to a school where I would be treated like just another exam number. Even in this job market, I don’t regret staying at TJSL. Out of all of my fellow law clerks at the court, I am the only one who says they enjoyed their law school experience.


The admission process was pretty standard from what I remember. They had a great LSAT scholarship program when I attended.

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LSAT, application, i don't really remember



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