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My first year courses were high quality and heavy on the Socratic method. Penn State offers both theory classes and practical opportunities through moot courts, clinics, and advocacy classes. My advisor was always willing to spend as much time as I needed to sort through things. Class sizes were ideal, not too big, and research opportunities were available to students willing to seek them out. Grading was fair, faculty was strong, and every summer study abroad programs were offered, one in particular which always featured a U.S. Supreme Court Justice as a professor. The workload was challenging but manageable.

Quality of Life

Penn State's University Park Campus is in State College, PA, so the cost of living is very reasonable and the community is both safe and entertaining. The school has brand new, state-of-the-art buildings in both State College and Carlisle, so students attending Penn State Law will have the best in library facilities, computer labs, moot courtrooms, and general facilities. Housing is available and reasonable. The communities are very welcoming and supportive of the law school community. State College, PA is called Happy Valley, so I would say that it rates highly in overall happiness. Additionally, for better or worse, the law students have fully embraced the Penn State football team and have a great time during the fall with tailgating and cheering the Nittany Lions and Joe Paterno on.


Penn State requires a personal essay, describing why you want to attend law school. The LSAT scores have risen in recent years and they provide competitive scholarship opportunities based upon merit and, I would presume, need. Their admissions office did a great job directing me through the admissions process and answered every question, spent all the time necessary, etc. I had a very positive experience. Elena DeLuca in particular is a great contact.

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