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U.S. Cellular Internship Program
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U.S. Cellular


Preparing for Your Internship with U.S. Cellular

Interning with an organization like U.S. Cellular can lead to great results, not just for our organization but for each intern as well. Success begins with some simple, well-thought-out preparation. Before you begin, here are a few important things you can do to make yourself even more valuable to your team—and make your experience even more influential on your career:

Checkbox  Learn all you can about us on social media platforms. Knowledge really is power, especially where internships are concerned. The more information you have about U.S. Cellular, the better prepared you’ll be to make a difference during your internship.
 Checkbox Determine how you’d like to develop as a person. As a professional, consider the skill sets you’d like to gain, such as technical proficiency and application. Think about the personal abilities that could use some improvement, including communication skills and establishing a dependable work ethnic. Develop a plan to enhance your effectiveness in the areas that matter most to your success. The best way to keep track is to make a list identifying yourgoals, and watch your progress throughout your internship.
 Checkbox Speak with former interns. If possible, talk with fellow college students who have participated in a U.S. Cellular internship or see what our past interns have said about us by  clicking HERE to go to our Inern page. It’s a great way to learn what to expect of the experience here, and determine how to make this the right fit for you.


Your goal should be to determine what you hope to achieve toward your career development. With all of these boxes checked, you’re ready to take on the exciting new challenges you’re about to face and make meaningful contributions with our Dynamic Organization.

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Making the Most of Your Internship with U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular’s Intern Program provides you with the opportunity to truly learn our business with first-hand experience. You will apply your knowledge and skills as you participate in business-impacting work over the course of the summer. Here are some of the resources and activities we offer to help make your time with us productive, immersive, and fun.

Program Components

Your leader and other team members/mentors are available to provide guidance and support throughout the summer. In addition to the vital projects you will be assigned to contribute to, you will have opportunities to learn about other areas and departments of the business. Your successful internship will include the following program components:

Usc Icon1  Goal-Setting/Personal Development Plan: You will create an Individual Development Plan and set clear goals at the start of your experience, capture your activities, and track your results. Your objectives will include your personal development and key success indicators for your department.
 Usc Icon2 Leader and Team Meetings: These opportunities to check in are designed to discuss your ongoing success as well as any challenges or needs as you proceed through the summer. Your leader will calendar periodic one-on-ones with you.
 Usc Icon3 Personal and Professional Growth: Weekly learning sessions so you can understand U.S. Cellular as a whole and how your role impacts other parts of the business. We offer web-based trainings and conference calls to get you up to speed on the things that you want and need to know.
 Usc Icon4 Performance Review: As you wrap up your internship, your leader will schedule and complete a final performance review.
 Usc Icon5 Resources: U.S. Cellular interns have access to a proprietary internal portal that helps facilitates intern engagement and serves as a repository for resource materials, photos of your journey with us as well as our events calendar.