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UScellular Intern Program Advantages

At UScellular, a key objective is to provide a world-class experience for our customers. This requires the very best of the best talent in every area of our Dynamic Organization - people who understand and embrace our passion for success and individuals who are self-motivated to learn, grow, and excel in exciting new roles.

The UScellular Intern Program is one mechanism through which we bring qualified and motivated new talent to the organization. We strive to attract the highest caliber of intern by offering:

Uscellular Icon1 Experience
The UScellular Intern Program presents each intern with real-world, career-level experience. Each intern is assigned to and responsible for project-based work that impacts our business.
Uscellular Icon2 Personal Enrichment
UScellular offers an energetic and challenging work environment where individual development is paramount to driving superior results, not only for the organization but the individual intern or associate.
Uscellular Icon3 Competitive Pay
Hourly rates range between $19 for rising junior undergraduate students to $32 for second-year Master’s students.
Uscellular Icon4 Inclusive Corporate Culture
UScellular Interns are fully integrated into our corporate culture: The Dynamic Organization.
Uscellular Icon5 Accessibility to Leaders
Throughout the 10-week program, our interns are provided multiple opportunities to engage with executives and other leaders within the company both Web-based and face-to-face.
Uscellular Icon6 Top Intern Contributor Awards
Individual intern leaders have the opportunity to nominate their respective interns each summer to be considered for our Top Intern Contributor Scholarship. This award recognizes superior contributions to their team, quantifiable results, individual initiative and personal development. Award winners receive a scholarship to assist with college expenses.
Uscellular Icon7 Resources
UScellular interns have access to a proprietary internal portal that helps facilitates intern engagement and serves as a repository for resource materials as well as our events calendar.