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Grinnell Mutual Co-op Program
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Grinnell Mutual


Grinnell Mutual offers exciting assignments, meaningful projects, and unmatched access to company leaders. We also encourage fun and host company events and planned activities with other co-ops and Grinnell Mutual team members. That’s what our trusted relationships are all about.

Our program isn’t about hiring go-fers. Grinnell Mutual provides co-ops and interns the opportunity to engage in real work and transformational corporate projects.

We offer paid co-op and intern positions to help college students move from the classroom to professional careers.

In addition to leadership and development courses offered to all employees, co-ops can participate in industry courses, and even earn insurance designations.

With access to mentors at all levels co-ops at Grinnell Mutual have the opportunity to grow their network and create lasting relationships.

Grinnell Mutual’s co-op program is designed to be flexible. Some co-ops take a semester off from school and work full-time, while others work a few days a week and attend classes. Hiring managers will help design a schedule that works for everyone.


Candidate Advice

What course of study would the ideal intern candidate have?

Don’t worry whether your major is “insurance-y” — we’re more interested in your passion for learning and willingness to explore your options.

How can a candidate stand out in the application process? What questions do you recommend candidates ask during interviews?

Be prepared to share specific experiences from your clubs, classes, jobs, and volunteer work. You’d be surprised how these experiences can relate to your future career.

Ask us about our culture and what opportunities we have available.

What qualities make an intern succeed in your program?

We are looking for students with a strong work ethic who can think big, have fun, and get things done!

We want co-ops and interns whose core values match ours: Act with integrity, trust and respect our employees, value our relationships, and serve and protect our customers.

What type of clubs/extracurricular activities should they be getting involved in?

Our ideal candidates are doers — they balance school, clubs, and volunteer organizations. That is why we offer flexible work schedules.


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