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Walgreen Company Corporate Internship Program
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Walgreen Co.

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21 Intern Reviews
“Merchandising Exposure Program is the Best Hands-on Retail Experience”
Northbrook, ILAugust 2016CURRENT INTERN

- Collaborative environment -- EVERYBODY is willing to help, no matter who they are

- Meaningful work -- my project allowed me to actually make a difference in what goes on shelves

- Exposure to upper-level executives -- whether it is through working on the case, presenting/winning the case, or working with your daily team, there are always very important people willing to give interns the time of day

- Extensive network -- Walgreens is like a family and there is always somebody who can help or can refer you to somebody who can help

- Professional development -- You are treated as a regular employee, forcing you to dive in to your projects and work as a professional

- Housing provided for out-of-state students

- Mentorship -- You are paired with a "buddy" who is currently in the full-time rotational position (MARP) as well as a team member to be your mentor. My manager and team as a whole were extremely supportive and always willing to help me, even if it didn't pertain to my specific project. A great learning opportunity.


- Case Competition -- Too lengthy and demanding, many of us worked off the clock which is not technically allowed. Would recommend Walgreens does a two-day case if they want to provide that type of exposure to interns

- No lunch at "Lunch and Learn" sessions -- Finance/Accounting interns received a catered lunch for every info session (usually weekly) that occurred over lunch time but MEP interns did not. Recommendation is to keep it equal for all

- DC tour -- being on a bus at 6:45 am to visit a DC in WI for only a couple hours was not worth it to me. The tour wasn't that educational or exciting and we were on the bus more than we were at the DC

Advice to Potential Interns

Despite any downers, this is an AMAZING opportunity to learn about merchandising, a global retailer, and yourself as a professional and what you want for a full-time job. Walgreens offers so many resources and truly cares about your success, even as an intern. If you get an offer with this company, TAKE IT. Be prepared to work hard, but it will be the best decision you ever make.

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