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237 Intern Reviews
“See India but do no work”

Meet great people from all over the world.

Travel with them on weekends

- Get paid around $500 p/m for the work, get flights and VISA paid for.

- Easy interview. Just a phone call to discuss previous experience and domain knowledge.

- Very relaxed work environment, which to be honest you quickly get frustrated at.

- I spent most of my time doing online training courses in ML and programming

- The Instep Team (who coordinate the internship) are kind and helpful, I think they are just very busy all the time, and there are bigger structural issues with the internship.


I have no idea how this was rated the world's top internship. The work and training aspects of this internship are very poor.

These are interns' experiences across the board:

- Project is usually very poorly defined. With no direction for your day-to-day work or structure for the long term over the internship.

- The project you are given is usually not the one you applied for, it will not deliver value t o the company and is usually something they have already done.

- The work atmosphere is incredibly lethargic, un-motivated and unproductive.

- You project mentor/ manager will rarely communicate with you, and often is not interested in what you do.

- Noone checks on you, you could genuinely spend a month doing nothing - "Working from home" in company accommodation and nothing would happen.

- The final presentation will be to < 4 people, your mentor may not even show up.

- Everything is wrapped in corporate marketing speak, which is honestly draining and not true.

Advice to Potential Interns

Basically I would recommend this internship to undergraduates who are looking to get paid to travel India.The other interns are fun people from all over the world. You get free gym, lunches, cabs across Bangalore, days off. Then you can travel on weekends around India!

However, if you are looking for serious, challenging career development then this is not the internship for you. To be honest it's just a holiday. Most interns get frustrated at the work environment here, Infosys' has some serious internal, structural management issues which mean duties get shirked, people sugar-coat everything with corporate speak, and also mentors and managers can often just be quite rude to interns.

It feels like Infosys only offer this internship to boost up their stats, and make connections and research partnerships with global universites. "We took x interns from y top 100 unversities this year", etc.. But then once you are there they don't really care what you do.

It's a shame because i think the Instep Team work really hard to help interns, and are usually super kind and helpful. But I think there are bigger structural issues with Infosys, the project management and allocation system is terrible, and the work that interns are given is usually poor.

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