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89 Intern Reviews
“SYMANTEC'S 10+ weeks of AYCLAP! (All You Can Learn and Play) You know what you want to!”
Mountain View, CA2014VERIFIED INTERN

One of the best aspects of the internship is getting to meet knowledgable, friendly, and wonderful people who create many opportunities for interns to learn, network, grow, and be a giant step closer to achieving their dreams and goals. Although everyone I met during my internship falls under that aspect, the people most notable are the ones I work with on the team. The chemistry and rapport is simply amazing.

My next favorite, losing in a game of foosball. Losing, as much as winning, is important. Losing allowed me to learn why I lost, think about how and what I can do better in the next game, and lastly, it prepared me for losing in the "real world." We all know the feeling we get when losing in any sort of competition, game, or life in general, but to turn to the tables around on a lost is one of the things I enjoy because it allows us to grow and become stronger and better than we were before the lost.


My least favorite thing about the internship is when it's time to go home. Going home meant that I had to completely stop in my tracks of researching whatever I was stumped on and go home. Of course, I'd just go home and do research, but I'm not able to apply my theories until the next day. I guess I'm just too excited about work.

If going home isn't my least favorite, the runner up would be losing in a game of foosball. Although I am contradicting myself a little, losing in anything sucks!

Advice to Potential Interns

Be ecstatic, genuinely intrigued, open-minded, and don't let your curiosity die. Don't apply blindly to a company without knowing what their visions and goals are. If you value the company's true north and believe that you have what it takes to help the company achieve it, then don't hesitate to apply.

In addition, if there's multiple offers, don't chase the money but rather ponder about the phone and in-person interview(s) because finding a group of people that you are compatible and enjoy working with is pretty rare. Take the interview(s) as a two way street. If you find yourself extremely nervous but at the same time having a great time at the interview conversing and answering the interview questions, take it in good light. Money is money, but surrounding yourself with people who are encouraging and fun to be around will create a work culture that is worth more than what money will get you.

In general, overall, and with a cliché, follow your heart!

Advice to Management

At the moment, I hear the building I'm in doesn't have an espresso coffee making machine. I guess those people would like one.

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